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Feb 28

Chapter 34: Lessons In Futility

Chapter 34: Lessons In Futility In Which Bad First Impressions Are Made. ——————————————————————————————— Arrin Woodgreen:  Soquan, having been waiting in front of the bathhouses for a while, knocks softly on the female’s door. “Jozra? Are you in there?” Yazeth: Jozra sits on the bed, reassessing the situation. After a moment, she glances out the door …

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Feb 26

Chapter 33: Unnecessary Rescue

Chapter 33: Unnecessary Rescue In Which Jozra Does Not Need To Be Saved. ——————————————————————————————— Yazeth: Jozra soaks for a few more minutes before realizing that it has been about an hour since she parted company with Soquan. Excusing herself from her company, she clambers out of the tub, heading for the towel rack. Arrin Woodgreen: A …

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Feb 24

Chapter 32: The Bath House

Chapter 32: The Bath House In Which Jozra Meets Some Locals. ——————————————————————————————— Yazeth: The pair make their way down to the main thoroughfare where they had been directed. A few blocks later they happen upon the public Baths. Arrin Woodgreen: They stand in front of two doors, one marked for males and the other for …

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Feb 21

Chapter 31: The Traveler’s Waypoint

Chapter 31: The Traveler’s Waypoint In Which The Inn Turns Out To Be Pretty Fancy. ——————————————————————————————— Yazeth: ‘The Traveler’s Waypoint’ has a large foyer. To the side is a ‘mudroom’ with a shelf full of towels should any visitors be caught in the rain before entering. To the other side is an enclosed reception desk while …

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Feb 19

Chapter 30: Entering Kodan

Chapter 30: Entering Kodan In Which The Two Find An Inn. ——————————————————————————————— Arrin Woodgreen:  He wakes up as a grey dawn begins to form.  He yawns and stretches, shuffling around camp a bit. Yazeth:  A few minutes later Jozra awakens as well. She lays back for a bit feeling the soreness in her muscles before standing …

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Feb 17

Chapter 29: Sparring

Chapter 29: Sparring In Which A Little Practice Is Good For You. ——————————————————————————————— Arrin Woodgreen: A week and a half later, the pair are trudging along a little used side path. Soquan turns to the ferret, yawning slightly as exhaustion kicks in. “See anywhere to stop for the night?” Yazeth: The ferret peers ahead in the …

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Feb 14

Chapter 28: Heading South

Chapter 28: Heading South In Which Arrin Sleeps Like A Log. ——————————————————————————————— Arrin Woodgreen:  He wakes up at dawn after blissfully dreaming of having his sight back. He climbs out of bed and starts packing. Yazeth: Jozra wakes up as soon as Soquan climbs out of bed. She mutters a, “Morning” before grabbing her pack …

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Feb 12

Chapter 27: Spring Fest

Chapter 27: Spring Fest In Which Donfin Celebrates The New Year. ——————————————————————————————— Arrin Woodgreen: He returns to the house about an hour later, hanging his cloak up at the door. “I’m home!” Yazeth: Arrin calls from the kitchen in response. “We’re in here!” Soquan walks in to find Jozra stirring something for Arrin on the stove …

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Feb 10

Chapter 26: The Clearing

Chapter 26: The Clearing In Which Arrin Has Further Suspicions. ——————————————————————————————— Yazeth: The trail soon peters out to a small, rarely traveled track as the woods close in around the pair. A few moments later, however, the forest opens up revealing a pleasant grass covered clearing on top of a gently rounded hill. Arrin Woodgreen: He …

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Feb 07

Chapter 25: Arrin’s Suspicions

Chapter 25: Arrin’s Suspicions In Which A Ferret’s Disguise is Slipping. ——————————————————————————————— Yazeth: The morning dawns bright and cold, though as soon as the sun has poked over the tops of the trees, the day begins to warm to a rather comfortable temperature for this time of the year. Jozra, still exhausted from the previous …

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