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Chapter 48: Sibling Rivalry

Chapter 48: Sibling Rivalry

In Which It’s Mostly Up To Jozra Now.


Yazeth: After a while, the vixen tests the water. Finding it lukewarm, she has Soquan and Dysa help to hoist the ferret out of the tub and dry her off. Fiarah tests Jozra’s temperature again and remarks, “She doesn’t seem so cold now but it’s still too soon to tell. Help me wrap her up in this blanket again, we’ll take her back to my room.”

Arrin Woodgreen: He nods and assists the vixen, taking most of Jozra’s weight as Fiarah wraps her in the blanket.

Yazeth: She leads the way back upstairs to the bed where Jozra had first been placed. By now, Dysa has since rushed to her kitchen to begin preparing a later than usual dinner.

Arrin Woodgreen: He takes Jozra upstairs with Fiarah and he helps tuck her in. He sits on the edge of the bed, hands wrung nervously.

Yazeth: Fiarah bustles about the room, preparing a hot water bottle to slip under Jozra’s covers.

Arrin Woodgreen: He ‘looks’ up from his paws towards Fiarah. “Is there anything I can do?”

Yazeth: The vixen shakes her head. “Just keep an eye on her. Your proximity might help but it’s mostly up to her now.”

Arrin Woodgreen: He nods and falls silent again, sighing slightly.

Yazeth: Fiarah pauses and gazes at the otter for a while. She smiles sadly. “It’ll be alright, you’ll see.”

Arrin Woodgreen: He grins slightly. “I hope so.”

Yazeth: Fiarah bustles about her business, cleaning up her ‘shop.’ Presently, Dawn arrives bearing a cart from Dysa’s kitchen laden with a stack of bowls and a large pot of thick soup and a basket of rolls. She casts a withering glance at the otter and ferret, not that the pair notices in their respective states. “Dinner.”

Arrin Woodgreen: He nods towards the rattess. “Thank you, Dawn.” Aware of the meal in the room, he does not move, staying at his post beside his friend.

Yazeth: The rattess merely sneers and remarks to the healer, “You’re sister’s not going to like this when she gets back.” The vixen, however, is impervious to Dawn’s scorn. She ladles a generous helping of soup into a bowl, sticks a spoon in it and a roll on the side and places it firmly into Soquan’s hands. “My patients are none of her business,” she says before serving herself.

Arrin Woodgreen: He becomes worried at Dawn’s statement and eats silently, his mind whirling. Where would he take Jozra if they were kicked out of here?

Yazeth: Dawn sniffs at the vixen’s remark and leaves the room. Fiarah misinterprets the concern on the otter’s face and reassures him. “She should sleep, for now. I wouldn’t try forcing any nourishment on her until at least tomorrow afternoon.”

Arrin Woodgreen: He snaps out of his thoughts. “What?  Oh, okay.” He returns to his meal and thinking, to plan up something in case they are indeed, thrown out.

Yazeth: Fiarah polishes off her bowl of soup and sets it on a small table near the door before walking around the bed and checking on Jozra’s condition. The ferret is no longer cold to the touch and seems to be sleeping deeply, though she still looks rather pitiful.

Arrin Woodgreen: The otter is too wrapped in his own thoughts to notice. He picks at his food.

Yazeth: The vixen glances at Soquan. “You can stay with her for the night. I’ll be just in the other room if you need anythi…” Her words are interrupted by a slamming door and heavy paw-steps on the stairs.

Arrin Woodgreen: He’s startled by the sudden noise and he rises to his feet, placing his bowl on the night-table as he does so.

Yazeth: Fiarah’s head snaps towards her own door as the paw-steps come down the hall.  A second later, some beast pounds on the door.

Arrin Woodgreen: He tenses and moves in front of Jozra, going into ‘protector’ mode.

Yazeth: The vixen glares as the door. The nerve! Especially when ill beasts are present.  She opens the door, intending to slip out and take care of everything quietly when Nolan shoves the door open wide and Kirrian strides in.

Arrin Woodgreen: He recognizes the scents right away and he brings himself up to full height, trying to look as foreboding as possible.

Yazeth: Nolan notices Soquan and growls ever so slightly at him. Kirrian, however, being the beast she is, completely ignores the otter and addresses her sister directly. “These two have been banished from this house.”

Arrin Woodgreen: He turns away from the confrontation momentarily to check on Jozra.  It’s not like Kirran’s going to bother addressing him right now.

Yazeth: The ferret is, for a morbidly nearly appropriate phrase, ‘dead to the world.’  Fiarah levels her gaze at her sister. “These are my patients.” A simple statement but one that has the feel of a challenge.

Arrin Woodgreen: He returns to his seat, keeping an ear on the conversation. He then leans forward and rests his head in his arms, much like a child at a school desk.

Yazeth: Kirrian is a beast who’s composure is hard to break, but her sister has been a constant thorn in her side; the only one who knows how to get to her. The vixen glares. “I will NOT have these two in my house. The ferret nearly killed Dawn!”

Arrin Woodgreen: He scowls at Kirran’s words, but remains silent, closing his eyes.

Yazeth: Fiarah quirks an eyebrow at Kirrian. “Be that as it may… I hardly say this ferret is in any condition to harm anything. She needs a warm place to rest and some professional healing. I thought that’s what this house was all about? ‘A place for those who need help and have nowhere else to go?’” She deliberately quotes her sister’s own words; the words she used when she first proposed the house all those seasons ago.

Arrin Woodgreen: The world becomes less and less apparent to Soquan and he begins to drift off to sleep, the day’s events had tuckered the poor otter out.

Yazeth: Kirrian glowers at her sister. “I. will. not. have. them. in. my. house.”

Fiarah puts a paw to her brow and sighs tiredly. “At the very least can we leave this until morning? It’s raining and dark and it’s been a very long day.”

Arrin Woodgreen: Indeed it has. The otter is now asleep.

Yazeth: Kirrian is about to object when she catches the Look in her sister’s eye. The kind of look that says, ‘I’m too tired to take care of this crap and if you press the issue I’ll make it very bad for you.’ Not about to lose face, the vixen narrows her eyes at the other. “I expect them to be gone by morning.” She spins sharply and stalks out the door.

Arrin Woodgreen: The otter snores softly.

Yazeth: Fiarah closes the door firmly behind Nolan as he finally follows Kirrian out of the room. She sighs and glances at the otter. No need to disturb him. Instead she finds her way to her own bed and swiftly falls asleep.

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