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Chapter 5: Preparations

Chapter 5: Preparations

In Which the Companions Head In to Town to Gather Supplies.


Catamount says: Eventually the sky outside begins to lighten and the ferret slowly begins to wake.

Arrin says: The otter remains asleep at her side, one arm flopped lightly around her middle.

Catamount says: Jozra silently examines her surroundings for a moment. She smiles a little at the otter before slipping out from under his arm and off of the bed. Standing now, she stretches a bit.

Arrin says: The otter gives a sudden snort and rolls over in his sleep, mumbling something as he settles back down into a new position.

Catamount says: The ferret chuckles softly and then turns to inspecting her possessions.  It would be a good idea to find out what she has and what she’ll need for the trip into the mountain.

Arrin says: Soquan wakes up not long after, stretching out his muscles with a large yawn.  After taking a quick note of his surroundings, he smiles. “Mornin’ Jozra.”

Catamount says: “Good morning, Soquan. How’d you sleep?”

Arrin says: He stretches. “S’the best sleep I had in a while, what about you?”

Catamount says: She grins and bobs her head. “Pretty good, actually. I suppose the beds in those inns were just too soft.”

Arrin says: He laughs. “Well I’m glad…”

Catamount says: The ferret glances over her stuff. “So what do we do first today?”

Arrin says: He slumps out of bed and yawns. “First we grab some breakfast, then we hit the town.”

Catamount says: Jozra nods. “Right-o. Lead on then.”

Arrin says: He nods. “Okay.” He shuffles his way out of the room and towards the kitchen where a breakfast is already laid out for them.  Arrin greets them with a smile.”  “Mornin’ you two.”

Catamount says: Jozra nods and grins at Arrin. “Good morning.  Breakfast smells delicious!”

Arrin says: She grins. “It tastes even better.  I trust you two slept well?” Soquan nods. “Aye, we did.”

Catamount says: The ferret nods in agreement, eyeing the food set on the table.

Arrin says: Arrin chuckles as she watches the ferret. “Go ahead, dig in, I’ve already eaten.”

Catamount says: Jozra grins and sits herself at the table, digging into the breakfast heartily.

Arrin says: Soquan sits at his place next to her and eats the meal just as eagerly.

Catamount says: The ferret pauses long enough to comment to Arrin. “It’s delicious!”

Arrin says: She blushes faintly. “It’s nothing really, I learned it all from mum, she was a wonderful cook, she said most ferr-” Soquan cut her off, a serious tone in his voice. “Arrin…” She clears her throat. “Right… Can I get you anything else?”

Catamount says: Jozra flicks her ear but doesn’t outwardly acknowledge the slip up, though she does file it away for future reference.  She smiles again at Arrin. “Everything’s wonderful; I can’t imagine what else I would need.”

Arrin says: She grins. “Something to drink perhaps?”

Catamount says: The ferret shakes her head slightly. “Nope, I’m fine.  Thank you anyway.”

Arrin says: She nods. “Okay.” Soquan pushes over a plate of what looks like very thin pancakes and some jam. “Try some of these, they’re great.”

Catamount says: Jozra samples a bit of the dish. “Mmm, you’re right, Soquan.”

Arrin says: He laughs. “Have I ever not been?”

Catamount says: The ferret grins. “You’ve got me there.”

Arrin says: He laughs and finishes off his breakfast before standing. “Almost ready to go?”

Catamount says: She polishes off the rest of her breakfast and nods. “Yep.  Thanks again for the meal, Arrin.”

Arrin says: She nods. “No problem.” Soquan waits by the door, his staff now held in one paw.

Catamount says: Jozra stands and then joins Soquan at the door. “So, where to now?”

Arrin says: He grins. “To Tor’s shop to get you fitted for some new clothes.”

Catamount says: The ferret nods. “All right then, on to Tor’s.”

Arrin says: He opens the door and steps outside, offering his arm in a mocking manner.  “My arm, madam?”

Catamount says: The ferret chuckles and places her paw on the otter’s arm. “Lead on.”

Arrin says: He leads her through the village, pausing only to greet some other beasts, or to point out a certain location.  When they reach the shop, the squirrel behind the booth grins broadly. “Soquan! I see you’ve come back to us.” The otter laughs. “Aye, I have, but not for long.”

Catamount says: Jozra stands quietly beside the otter.

Arrin says: Tor grins, nodding at Jozra. “G’mornin’ miss.” He turns back to Soquan. “Just like your father, ain’t you? Reminds me so much of when he came home with your mother, so many beasts were opposed to him marryin’ a ferre-” Soquan coughs politely, cutting the shopkeeper off. “We’re heading up to the mountains.  My friend here needs some clothing fit for the trip…”

Catamount says: This time Jozra can’t keep her face still and she raises an eyebrow before pretending to ignore the comment. “Aye, all of my good northlands clothes are well used and wouldn’t keep me warm enough if we were to be caught in a storm…”

Arrin says: The shopkeeper nods. “Yes, yes, right this way ma’am, we’ll take some measurements…”

Catamount says: The ferret follows the squirrel to be fitted.

Arrin says: The squirrel takes out a measuring tape and begins to take measurements around certain places. After he records them all, he smiles. “I think I have just the right thing…” He disappears into the very back and emerges holding a couple tunics and leggings. “Try them on and tell me which ones fit better.”

Catamount says: Jozra takes the tunics and leggings and goes into a fitting room.  After a bit she emerges wearing the pair that fits best. “These fit pretty good. What do you think?”

Arrin says: He nods. “Aye, they look good, I can do a bit better if you want…” He disappears again and emerges with another set of clothing. “Try this.”

Catamount says: The ferret shrugs, examining the outfit in a mirror while twitching the cuffs here and there. “Actually, this is pretty good.  I like it. Though there’s no hurt in trying on some more…” She takes the new set and goes back into the fitting room.

Arrin says: He waits for her, leaning against the wall.

Catamount says: Jozra emerges again wearing the new set. “It does fit a bit closer, though the other set wasn’t too bad in the fitting either.  Sort of comfortably, slightly baggy.”

Arrin says: He looks her over. “So what do you think?”

Catamount says: The ferret nods. “Pretty good, though I can’t quite decide between the two of them…”

Arrin says: He grins. “Take both of them then.  Now come on, you can grab the other things and your old clothes from the change room.”

Catamount says: The ferret grins back. “Okay.” She retrieves her older set of clothing and follows the squirrel back to the front.

Arrin says: Soquan grins as he hears them approaching. “How did it go?”

Catamount says: Jozra folds her old clothes. “Well, I ended up with a good fit and a spare set of clothing.”

Arrin says: His grin remains. “Great, how much do I owe you Tor?” The squirrel smiles.  “Never mind about that, it’s on the house.”

Catamount says: The ferret raises her eyebrows. “That’s… that’s most kind of you, Mr. Tor.”

Arrin says: Soquan smiles. “Aye, thank you Tor.” He turns to Jozra. “Shall we continue on then?”

Catamount says: Jozra nods. “Seems we got everything we need here. Where to now?”

Arrin says: He shrugs. “We should get some food for the trip.”

Catamount says: The ferret nods again. “Good idea. Where would be the best place to get that?”

Arrin says: He offers his arm again. “The market.”

Catamount says: “All right then. Lead on.”

Arrin says: He leads her further down the road. “So what should we bring with us?  Bread?  Cheese?”

Catamount says: The ferret looks about the town curiously. “I’ve found in my travels that cheese doesn’t keep very long, though it’s good to have at first.  Bread keeps longer but gets too hard after a while… I don’t suppose they have any dried fruit?”

Arrin says: He nods. “Aye, and we’ll only be there for a day or so.”

Catamount says: Jozra nods as well. “Bread and cheese it is, then.”

Arrin says: He looks at her hopefully. “Maybe a bit of fish?”

Catamount says: The ferret grins. “Fish? Sure!”

Arrin says: He grins. “What kind then salmon? Tuna? Trout?”

Catamount says: Jozra smiles. “We’ll you’re the otter and hence the expert. What would you choose?”

Arrin says: He licks his lips. “I dunno, it all sounds so good…”

Catamount says: The ferret chuckles. “Let’s go with the salmon then.”

Arrin says: He gives a happy couple of bounds and a joyful whoop. “Good choice!”

Catamount says: Jozra laughs.

Arrin says: He sniffs the air and guides her in a different direction. “The bakery’s this way.”

Catamount says: The ferret follows, an amused expression on her face.

Arrin says: Once they reach they reach the shop, he opens the door for her, following her inside. He gropes at his belt, finding the pouch almost immediately. “Two loaves of bread please.”

Catamount says: The shopkeeper pulls down two loaves and hands them to Jozra, turning to Soquan for payment.

Arrin says: He pulls out the correct amount of money and pays the beast. “Thank you.”  He turns for the door.

Catamount says: Jozra tucks the loaves under her arm and exits the building. “So where do we get the cheese?”

Arrin says: He frowns. “We have to walk along the stalls now.   Tell me when you see a stand.” They walk.

Catamount says: After a bit the two happen upon a stand with a merchant selling cheese. “Here’s one, Soquan.”

Arrin says: He nods, turning towards the vendor. “I need a wheel of cheddar cheese please.” The vendor nods and hands Soquan the cheese once it’s paid for.

Catamount says: The ferret takes the cheese and tucks it under her other arm. “To the fish stalls now, I suppose?”

Arrin says: He nods. “Of course, do you want me to carry anything?”

Catamount says: She chuckles.  “Probably the fish, now that my arms are full.”

Arrin says: He nods yet again. “Okay.”

Catamount says: Jozra glances around.  “So… which way to the fish stalls?”

Arrin says: He sticks his muzzle skyward, sniffing the air, he turns right sharply. “This way.”

Catamount says: The ferret grins.  “I knew I could trust your nose.” She follows the otter.

Arrin says: He grins. “The smell’s getting stronger; can you see anything yet?”

Catamount says: The ferret gazes around at the booths.  “Not yet… Oh! There it is.”  She leads the way to the stall selling fish.

Arrin says: He follows, his paw already going for his coin pouch.

Catamount says: “Here we are.” She looks at the otter behind the stall.

Arrin says: She grins at the two. “What can I get for you, mate?” Soquan grins broadly. “G’mornin’ Ari, I need some salmon please, just enough for a day or so.” She nods. “O’course.” She cuts and wraps some fish for the two and Soquan pays. “Thank you, Ari.”

Catamount says: Jozra nods to Ari and then looks to Soquan. “Now where?”

Arrin says: He grins. “Now back home for some water and our packs, then we can head off.”

Catamount says: Jozra hefts the bread and cheese. “Alright then, back to your place.”


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