*blows off the dust*

So yeah, I’m working on this again. New layout template and I like the lines on this one though the colors could use a little tweaking. If anyone else wants to work on that they’re welcome to. Just remember to record the hex code and indicate where which color should go.
Also the layout came without the meta heading, where the login and stuff usually goes. I stole the code from somewhere else, along with the drop-down archive bit, and obviously it still needs some work to fit in. Trying to fix that. I’m open to suggestion.

Once I get this figured out I’ll make the artblog with the same template etc. and start posting art!

Excuse the dust…

I’m working on setting up a forum theme to match the website! Because I am completely unfamiliar with doing something like this (my CSS skillz lose) I imagine the news-blog will look very strange or even broken until I am sucessful.

Please assume that I am aware of problems that crop up until I say I think I’m done!

Shout out!

Well no wonder Holst couldn’t figure out how to post! I had it set so that people that registered were automatically set as “Subscriber.” I’ve changed it to “Author” (instead of contributor or editor) so hopefully that works out! (I figure we’ll leave admin as the only administrator unless we feel the need to change.)

I’ve also gone ahead and closed registration now, since I don’t think anybody else needs to register. Or should we open it back up for subscribers to comment? I’ve left it so that anybody can comment, with or without a registration.

Lets take this thing for a spin!


Check it out! DreamHost had the one-click install of WordPress, for free, so I tried it out to see if that would work for our news and artblog dreams.

So far, so good! It doesn’t LOOK the way I want it, but I was too excited about it to fiddle with it first and THEN link you guys.

(Shh, don’t look. Testing.)