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Chapter 61: Sihayadda

Chapter 61: Sihayadda In Which Woodgreen Is Not Jozra’s Last Name. —————————————————————————————— Arrin Woodgreen: He listens to Jozra read for quite some time before his eyelids begin to droop and he’s listening with his eyes closed. It’s not long after that when he begins to snore softly beside her. Yazeth: Fortunately for Jozra’s throat, Soquan begins …

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Chapter 60: Library Books

Chapter 60: Library Books In Which Jinx Gives Soquan A Hand. ——————————————————————————————— Yazeth: Jozra’s ear flicks and with it, her consciousness rises a level. Early morning sunlight barely reaches the house, much less enters the windows, but the light outside is morning light. A rapping echoes through Jozra’s ear and breaks the last threads of …

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