…and Back. Again.

Soon after my previous post my brand new hard drive gave up the ghost taking with it everything since May 2008 (my most recent backups).

It will take me a little while to recover from that, considering I need to re-do all of the changes to my Crossed Paths filing system to catch up to where I was before.

I’ve also changed commenting ability on the News and ArtBlog sites to people who have registered and are logged in. This has cut down immensely on the amount of spam coming through. The Logs page hasn’t had this problem yet but if it starts to develop it I’ll do that there too.

Consider this fair warning.

I haven’t figured out yet how to get the images on the ArtBlog page to center. They used to but something in the latest WordPress updates seems to have broken that function. I may instead just align everything to the left for consistency.

Similarly, posting text seems to have become somewhat less customizable. I have to go in and manually add break tags in order to get a space between paragraphs, whereas before a simple double-return would take care of that.

Finally, November is NaNoWriMo and I plan on participating this year. I know there’s been a huge hiatus from updating Logs and Art due to my technical difficulties but I plan on NOT updating during November. If I do, it’s an unplanned bonus. Otherwise hopefully by December I’ll finally have everything back up to speed so that I can update with ease again.

Thanks for your patience!

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