New Theme

In the past few weeks I’ve been changing things around, looking at new themes and playing with color schemes. I finally settled on Graphene, which is highly customizable and has lots of little features that I like though I’m still at a loss as for a good color scheme. (If you’re looking at a bunch of somewhat garish greens, then you see my placeholders for indecision. If you’re looking at some other colors, then hopefully I’ve found something pleasing to the eye!)

In the meantime, as I take an search engine fueled crash course in color theory, I’ve been working on tidying up the logs and removing some of the artifices that were needed to make it look nice with the old theme. (Note to self: Something funky going on with the text formatting on Chapter 11. That may need to be redone entirely.)

And then there’s this other thing I’ve been working on, though it’s still extremely rough.

If the previous iteration of the site was CrossedPaths v2.0, consider this v2.1 and still in progress. :)

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