Getting Rid of Asterisks: The Revenge

Asterisk editing is finally complete!

The whole of CP Alpha has finally been edited to so that it’s easier to read, including chapters that hadn’t been broken up yet. It came to a total of 92 chapters, each anywhere from 3 to 6 pages, but usually around 4. There’s a small gap from missing logs between chapter 90 and 91 but there’s some time until that goes up. That can be tracked down or filled in.

Chapter 92 is not, of course, the end. Because we never finished CrossedPaths and are planning on rebooting it. We might put a pretty little bow at the end of 92 though. I kind of ends rather abruptly.

Meanwhile I’m experimenting with scheduled posting. I’ve queued about 3 chapters and they should be going live on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 6am Pacific time. If it works, I’ll go ahead and set  up the remainder, which should still be several hours of work but not nearly as daunting as the asterisk thing.

With that automated, I can work on other things. I’m thinking the art blog, since we have a lot of nice stuff that’s just hiding on drives. But really, it’s 2014 now and the deal was new year, new CP…
…and webhost renewal. That needs to happen soon too.


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