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Getting Rid of Asterisks: The Revenge

Asterisk editing is finally complete! The whole of CP Alpha has finally been edited to so that it’s easier to read, including chapters that hadn’t been broken up yet. It came to a total of 92 chapters, each anywhere from 3 to 6 pages, but usually around 4. There’s a small gap from missing logs …

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Getting Rid of Asterisks: The Update

Well that took a little longer than intended, it is now almost July! The necessary editing is complete, however, and I should be able to begin editing the log entries with the improved version soon.

Getting Rid of Asterisks

In addition to formatting the chapter-ed logs for upload, I’ve started going back through the already uploaded logs and changing the way action and conversation is formatted. Since this was an RP played in a variety of chat rooms and instant messengers, it made sense at the time to enclose actions withing asterisks *she said* …

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