Getting Rid of Asterisks

In addition to formatting the chapter-ed logs for upload, I’ve started going back through the already uploaded logs and changing the way action and conversation is formatted. Since this was an RP played in a variety of chat rooms and instant messengers, it made sense at the time to enclose actions withing asterisks *she said* and leave what was meant to be spoken without any punctuation, such as quotation marks.

This, it turns out, is really hard to read. This is also serving as a third editing pass, so I’m catching the odd typo I missed the first two times. Aside from removing an excessive amount of ellipsis, I haven’t changed much of the content at all. We’ll see what Arrin decides to change when she makes her own editing passes.

On the update note, I’ll start adding new logs once I have caught up and made these changes to the fifteen already posted. I would like to find a way to prepare a post (or several) ahead of time that would then “go live” on certain days, like a webcomic might.

That way new content could be posted even when I’m otherwise too busy or out of net range, posts are nicely spaced time-wise rather than dumped all at once, and perhaps it could coordinate with my fellow evil author’s schedule so she can review and make changes as needed without being inundated with 80+ logs.


On the webpage front, I found out how to change the color of the “previous” and “next” links so that they not only match the rest of the color scheme but are also visible.

I’m also playing with categories and tags. The first theme we used only had categories so I used those to make a note of what characters were in the chapter, any location notations, and so forth. These were preserved when we migrated to the new theme, but the new theme also allows for tags. Thus, I’ve decided to change it up a little.

Characters, locations, events (such as nightmares) seem better suited for the tag area while I’m using categories as a broader filing system; the logs will now be categorized as “Crossed Paths Alpha” to distinguish from Bonus or AU content.

I’ve stretched this to the ArtBlog, where the characters in a picture are tagged and the artist is the category. Not quite sure what to do here on the News roll though. I think I’ll stick with categories, at least for the time being.

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